Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Enzyme complex – an alternative to antibiotics in broiler chicken diets?

The aim of the experiment was to evaluate possible interactions of an enzyme complex and a feed antibiotic on growth and metabolism parameters in broiler chickens. The basal diet contained 400 g/kg barley. The four treatments were as follows: K – without supplements (control), A – antibiotic Zincbacitracin, 50 ppm, E – enzyme complex Bio-Feed Beta CT, 400 ppm, EA – Zincabacitracin, 50 ppm plus Bio-Feed Beta CT, 400 ppm.<br>Bio-Feed Beta CT positively influenced daily weight gain, feed conversion efficiency, energy metabolizability and nitrogen utilization in the first growth period (day 7-21), whereas no effects were detected in the second growth period (day 21-42).<br>Dietary antibiotic Zincbacitracin increased energy utilization in the first growth period, but had no influence on growth parameters and nitrogen utilization.<br>The inclusion of both supplements to the diet did not have any additive effect on daily weight gain, feed conversion efficiency and nitrogen utilization. The interaction between enzyme and antibiotic for energy utilization was significant during the first experimental period.

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