Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Prestimulation, milkability and milk yield in Eringer cows

Milk yields, milk flow and the requirement for prestimulation were investigated during six machine milkings in 22 Eringer cows on a farm in the canton Wallis, Switzerland. Cows were mechanically prestimulated for 0, 40 or 60 seconds. The frequency of bimodal milk flow curves, i.e. transient interruption of milk flow after removal of the cisternal fraction and before alveolar milk ejection, was 30 % without prestimulation and did never accur in the other treaments. This indicates a faster milk ejection in Eringer cows than in other breeds. Total and stripping milk yiels, peak and average milk fliw rates and milkong time were not different between tratments.<br>Primiarous cows had lower total yields and a lower milk flow level than older cows. Stripping yield was in a normal range (compared with other breeds) in the primiparous cows, but was extremely elevated in older cows. Due to slightly different milking intervals, milk yield was higher in the morning than in the evening. The higher milk yield caused a prolongation of the high flow rate plateau period, whereas the phase of decreasing milk flow and stripping where not changed by the milk yield. Further experiments are necessary to investigate the causes for high stropping yields in older cows. Milkability parameters should be included in breeding programs to reduce stripping and thus improve milking routines.

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