Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

The effect of Sanobiotic®S, a multiactive probiotic growth promoter, in rearing piglets Vitamin A concentration in calf livers: results of a field survey

In a five week feeding trial with 160 rearing piglets, the effect of the multiactive probiotic growth promoter Sanobiotice® S was investigated alone or combined with 50 mg of Carbadox in comparison to a negative and positive control (50 mg of Carbadox) diet.<br>Only the treatment factor Carbadox increased growth rates. Due to differing animal losses, significantly less feed per salable piglet was consumed when supplemented with Scinobiotic® S being 8.5 % (alone) and 13.1 % (combined with Carbadox) below the negative control group. Likewise, feed conversion ratio was improved by 4.6 % (alone) and 9.5 % (combined). Postweaning diarrhea mainlyoccurred from day 11 to day 22 which was treated with Baytril® . Sanobiotice®S, particularly in combination with Carbodox, showed a tendency to reduce diarrhea occurrence with respect to number of treated animals and number of treatments per animal with manifest diarrhea. Animal losses were lowest in the groups with added Sanobiotice®S amounting to 2 and 1 out of 40 compared to each time 5 in the negative and positive control group. From a statistic point of view, these differences are not significant, at best indicating a trend.

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