Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

High pressure treatment of whipped cream

Pasteurized cream with 260, 290, 320 and 350 g/kg fat content was treated by high pressure in the range between 300 and 800 MPa. Whipping properties of cream with fat content < 320 g/kg was better after pressurization. The whipping time was 15 to 25 % shorter and loss of serum was lower. This is probably due to better crystallization of milk fat.<br>Best results were obtained with pressure between 500 and 600 MPa and a holding time between 1 and 2 minutes. longer holding time and/or higher pressure induced a higher denaturation rate of whey protein. longer whipping time and a destabilisation of whipped cream were the negative results. A treatment at lower pressure (< 400 MPa) had no significant effect on whipping properties of cream.

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