Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

The use of silage additives in pressed pulp silage

In a trial we investigated the efficacy of different silage additives. Besides seven chemical products we also tested an inoculant, which was applied in liquid and solid form, as well as a product which contained a combination of lactic acid bacteria and chemical substances. The tests were carried out in laboratory silos in two series. For the first series all silos were stored at room temperature. For the second series half of the silos were stored at room temperature and the other half at temperatures of nearly 40 °C.<br>In the silages without additive and stored at room temperature butyric acid was found. In the same silage stored at nearly 40 °C no butyric acid was determined. With the exception of one product, all chemical additives showed in both series and storage conditions a good efficacy to prevent the butyric acid fermentation and with most of these products the aerobic stability was improved. On the other hand with the butyric acid fermentation could not be prevented by the inoculant in every case. Moreover, when the inoculant was efficient, the silages were susceptible for aerobic instability.

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