Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Field inspections 1999

The field inspections for seed certification of cereals, hybrid maize, grain legumes, red clover and forage grasses were carried out on 8‘945 ha in 2000. In cereals 92,5% of the registered area was admitted during field inspection, 2,1% was refused and 5.4% was withdrawn from field inspection. Hail damage, presence of other cereals, and varietal impurities were the most important factors for rejection and withdrawal. The most important variety of winter wheat was still Arina (44%), followed by Galaxie (15%), Runal and Titlis (11%). In winter barley the six-row varieties Plaisant (28%) and Lyric (24%) and the two-row cultivars Baretta (55%) and Jasmin (35%) were dominant. 94% of the admitted area was produced according to the rules of integrated farming systems and 2,6% according to the rules of organic farming.

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