Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Trivalent Chromium – Interactions with the diets

Three experiments with growing-finishing pigs were performed to evaluate the effects of dietary trivalent chromium (Cr) under certain feeding conditions. The results of the first study indicated that an amount of 200 mg Cr / t feedstuff (ppb) is sufficient since daily gain was increased when 200 ppb Cr was added compared to the control treatment. Dosages higher than 200 ppb Cr showed no effect or even impaired growth performance. The second study gave evidence that Cr supplementation impairs daily gain at least in case of a low dietary carbohydrate content. Furthermore both studies suggested that the Cr-effect on insulin metabolism may also affect glucagon metabolism. The third respiration trial demonstrated a clear relationship between crude protein or rather amino acid supply and dietary chromium. Independent of the dietary protein content the nitrogen and fat digestibility was improved whereas fat accretion was reduced. Nitrogen retention and, therefore, nitrogen utilisation was improved by Cr merely in case of high protein supply.

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