Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Phenological growth stages of raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.)

“An exact description of the developmental stages of agricultural crops is of major importance for both science and practice. It simplifies the communication and the definition of time periods for crop management, monitoring and pest control measures.<br>The phenological growth stages of raspberry were described and coded within the frame of the EU-project “”RACER”” (Reduced Application of Chemicals in European Raspberry Production). In order to achieve a common terminology and a simple base for electronic data handling the stages were coded according to national and international standards using the extended BBCH-scale.<br>The two digit code denotes the macro-stage (developmental stage) with the first number and the micro-stage(developmental step) with the second. Both numbers are given in ascending order from 0 to 9. The whole developmental cycle of raspberry can be described with this code since all developmental steps are characterised with specific phenological traits. Depending on the variety raspberry bear fruit on one or two year old canes. With a parallel code it is possible to describe the development of a one year old cane as well as the secondary shoot of a two year old cane.”

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