Agroscope, Institute for Plant Production Sciences IPS, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Pathogen elimination of potato seeds by using electrontreatment

The dressing of the epidermis of potato tubers by using accelerated electron treatment did not allow the elimination of two pathogens under latent or adhesive form found on the skin. Spore bales of powdery scab did not loose their vitality after the treatment. Inoculation of Erwinia chrysanthemi populations before electron treatment on the tubers did not show any difference between the control and the electron-treated tubers.<br><br>The sprout growth was not affected with a low dose rate using 50 or 70 kilovolt and 10 or 15 kilogray. Plant morphology from treated tubers seemed to be correct and the plant growth was normal as well.<br>Variations were obtained in electrophoretic patterns of isoenzymatic systems (Peroxydase and Esterase). These modifications were observed in the first and the second generation following the electron-treatement.<br>No obvious difference was found through histological examination of the sprout area.

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