Research Institute for Organic Agriculture, Frick

Bio Weide-Beef – Beef Brand with high Consumer Benefit

Organic beef sold under the label Bio Weide-Beef® (BWB) has been marketed very successfully via outlets of the retailer Migros Ostschweiz since 1999. On the basis of two consumer surveys in outlets of Migros Ostschweiz, FiBL collected relevant information on the factors that most probably influenced the success of this label. The brand label program BWB is known by 31 % of the surveyed consumers, even though the program was established recently. 18% of the respondents had already bought beef from this program. Moreover, a share of 20 % among the buyers of BWB declared that they exclusively buy BWB beef. Buyers of BWB declared that they are very satisfied with the quality, namely the taste. Buying motives, apart from the excellent taste, are mainly the animal friendly husbandry and the natural fodder, that consumers associate with this program. The additional willingness to pay for beef under this program varies between the tested meat for making soup (“Siedfleisch”) and “Filet”. It is up to 30 % above the price, wich consumers are willing to pay for beef from integrated production.

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