Swiss Federal Research Station for Animal Production, Posieux

Ensiling of apple and pear pomace

In a trial the fermentation quality, the microbiological quality and the aerobic stability of apple and pear pomace silage as well as mixtures with apple pomace and maize were investigated. We ensiled the pomace, which came from the region of Berne, into bags (0,6 m3) and with the pomace from east Switzerland big bales were made (1,2 m3). The fresh apple pomace had a lower dry matter content, lower cell wall fractions and a higher sugar content compared with the pear pomace. During the silage process with apple as well with pear pomace an intensive alcoholic fermentation and a strong pH value decrease took place. Also the mixtures with apple pomace and maize had a strong alcoholic fermentation. On the other hand, only small quantities of acid and acetic acid as well as no butyric acid were found in the silages. In comparison to the big bales the yeast content of the apple pomace in the bags was a little higher. In all samples only a little amount of moulds was found. During the feedout period of two weeks for one bag respectively one big bale, there were no problems with moulds. The decompacted silage was aerobically stable at least for four days. With an additional variant, where a chemical silage additive was added to the apple pomace, there were neither differences concerning the fermentation quality nor with the aerobic stability in comparison to the variant without additive.

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