Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux, Swiss Federal Research Station for Animal Production and Dairy Products (ALP), CH-1725 Posieux

Nutritive value of grassland plants: content and prediction of gross energy

The gross energy content (GE) was determined by calorimetry in 439 samples of 10 main grassland plants. It is mainly influenced by the content of crude protein (R2 = 0.31) and organic matter (R2 = 0.26). The effect of these components is greater in herbs than within legumes and grasses. The stage of development and the cuts have a small effect on the GE content. Based on the content of organic matter and crude protein, the equations of prediction give GE values with a precision of ±0,3 MJ/kg DMand which are close to the values obtained with the standard equations used in Switzerland, France and Germany.

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