Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux, Swiss Federal Research Station for Animal Production and Dairy Products (ALP), CH-3003 Bern

Standardisation of cheese-milk with microfiltration

Micro filtration (MF) is especially suitable for partially concentrating cheese vat milk with a protein and fat content of 5 – 6%. The quantitative ratio of the principal constituents, protein fat and lactose, can be set fairly precisely by the use of MF – technology (filter 0.1 mm). Thus it is possible to correct for seasonal variations in raw milk (content, composition) before cheese manufacture. The MF technique allows one to transform 70 – 80% more milk to cheese with existing installations. Investment costs as well as amounts of rennet and starter cultures sink sharply. In addition one obtains a by-product (depending on the degree of concentration) of “ideal whey” in considerable quantities with a greater net product value. Irreproachable Raclette cheese can be manufactured using this new technology.

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