Agroscope FAL Reckenholz, Swiss Federal Research Station for Agroecology and Agriculture, Zurich-Reckenholz

Variety Trials: Meadow Fescue and Red Fescue

Between 2001 and 2003 Agroscope FAL Reckenholz and RAC Changins, the federal research stations, tested 19 varieties of meadow fescue and 13 varieties of red fescue. The varieties were compared in yield, juvenile development, vigour, persistence, disease resistance, competitive ability and adaptation to higher altitudes. With red fescue the winter hardiness was also accounted for. An index value was calculated from the data, allowing for a direct comparison of the tested varieties. The following varieties of meadow fescue obtained the minimum index value necessary for recommendation: FP 6, FP 7 and FP 8. These varieties have yet to fulfil the legal obligations concerning their commercialisation so that they can be made eligible for entry onto the «list of recommended varieties of forage plants». None of the tested new varieties of red fescue reached the index value that is required for recommendation.

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