Agroscope FAW Waedenswil, Swiss Federal Research Station for Fruit-Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture, CH-8820 Waedenswil

Pesticide Registration in Switzerland: The Role of Pesticide Quality and Market Control

The product chemistry of plant protection products is a key issue in the benefit-risk evaluation process in registration of pesticides. In our article we present some aspects of pesticide formulation chemistry and testing. The data requirements for registration refer to an internationally harmonized approach under the auspices of FAO and WHO, called FAO and/or WHO Specifications, respectively. Pesticide companies can therefore submit a certain data package on active ingredient and formulation properties in many different countries, as the criteria of properties tested and the corresponding test methodology are generally accepted. The same criteria are used in post-registration market control, where pesticide formulations are tested for compliance with the quality criteria on the basis of which registration has been granted. Product chemistry and market control are therefore effective means to ensure a high quality of pesticides on the market.

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