Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux Research Station ALP, rte de la Tioleyre 4, 1725 Posieux

Silage additives and aerobic stability – test results 2005

In autumn 2005 the efficacy of the two silage additives DoubleAction Ecocorn Granulat and Fireguard WS (water-soluble product) was investigated. In addition, a treatment without additive (negative control) and a treatment with propionic acid (positive control) were tested. The maize was harvested at two different dry matter levels (30 and 40 % dry matter) and ensiled in 1.5 litre laboratory scale silos. 7 days before the silos were opened, the silage underwent an air stress for 24 hours. The storage period lasted 56 days. All silages showed a good fermentation quality and low fermentation losses. In spite of the relatively low yeast concentration, all four treatments of the silages with 30 % DM heated up rapidly. Between 26 and 36 hours after opening the silos all silages were warm. In the silages with 40 % DM there were big differences between the different treatments. The variant with the product DoubleAction Ecocorn Granulat had a high yeasts concentration and heated up already after 26 hours. For the three other treatments no increase of the temperature was observed during 10 days. Based on these results the product DoubleAction Ecocorn Granulat was not authorized. For the product Fireguard WS the temporary authorization was prolongated, as the results do not allow a definitive assessment.

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