Swiss College of Agriculture, Zollikofen

Strategies for dairy manufacturing plants in Swiss mountainous areas

Clear and consequent implemented strategies for commercial dairy manufacturing plants in Swiss mountainous areas in a deregulated cheese market will become more important in the future. Due to demand trends of the market there are sound perspectives for the sale of premium quality and authentic cheese products. The plants participating in the mountain dairy project can secure their existence on a long term basis following strategies based on production and marketing of cheese in a high quality segment focussing on substantial value added. From an economic point of view general dairy products are less rewarding. The plants are reaching an improvement of their economical success-factors with either a clear focus on own cheese specialties or the expansion of the manufactured quantity of the traditional cheese brands. The cheese dairies are focussing mainly on a gentle enhancement of the existing products and a continuous development of sales. The development of real product innovations in commercial plants is most likely of lower importance.

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