Swiss College of Agriculture, Zollikofen

Two major lines of impact for the milk value chain in mountainous regions

There have always been special requirements for agriculture in mountainous regions. Compared to plain areas an unequal evolution due to different potentials in production and changing demands of society can be observed. Traditionally dairy production was the most important sector of agriculture in most mountainous areas. As a result of environmental changes and the along going trends towards different sectors of production the question arises, which should be the future characteristics of the value chain in dairy production. The net product of the dairy production is not very rewarding. Public-opinion polls are showing a clear preference for a producing and competitive agriculture. The section of production as such is of lower relevance. The following two major lines of impact for the milk value chain based on the development potentials can be deflected: Processing regions realizing high net products with specialities of high quality and delivery regions with relatively low disadvantages in dairy costs thanks to a high milk density.

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