Federal Station Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux ALP, CH-3003 Bern

Supplementation of pig trunk material to Saucisson vaudois

Saucisson vaudois, a cold-smoked raw sausage, were produced with and without 8 % trunk material in five meat processing plants being members of the Association charcuterie vaudoise IGP (ACV-IGP). Production occurred by the use of company-specific standards for the recipes and the processing parameters. Supplementation of 8 % trunk material differed only in a few sensory charac­teristics and only in the cooked products. In fact, most of the significant diffe­rences in sensory characteristics resulted between the different meat com­panies. According to their chemical composition, supplementation of 8 % trunk mate­rial was followed by an increased content of total collagen, which was mainly due to the differences in the content of soluble collagen, whereas the content of insoluble collagen stayed constant (range of differentiation for the relative solubility of collagen: 51 – 53 %). The addition of 8 % trunk material also led to more than 20 % collagen related to total protein (= Q1 value), which exceeds the limits of the corresponding IGP-specifications. pH value was more influenced by the place of processing than by the trunk-material supplementation.

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