Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station ART, Reckenholzstrasse 191, CH-8046 Zürich

Cocksfoot: test results of 31 varieties

From 2010 to 2012, the Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon ART and Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil ACW research stations tested 31 varieties of cocksfoot in the field at seven sites for their suitability for cultivation. In addition to the 17 new varieties, the previously-recommended varieties were re-tested. The characteristics evaluated were yield, vigour, juvenile development, competitive ability, persistence, winter-hardiness, resistance to leaf diseases, and digestible organic-matter content. Of the early varieties, «Berta» can now be recommended, having distinguished itself by its excellent digestibility. Almost thirty years after its inclusion, «Loke» has been deleted from the List of Recommended Varieties of Forage Plants owing to unsatisfactory results. Of the late varieties, «Barlegro» has been newly recommended. The best of all late varieties tested, this new variety shone in particular in terms of digestibility, juvenile development, vigour, and competitive ability. The results for the formerly recommended varieties «Accord» and «Foly» no longer satisfy the requirements for recommendation, for which reason they are to be removed from the list.

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