Agroscope, Institute for Sustainability Sciences ISS, Switzerland

Substantial progress in variety testing with red clover

Agroscope noted significant breeding progress in the variety tests with 30 new cultivars and 24 already recommended varieties of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) conducted at six locations from 2011 to 2013. Yield, vigour, juvenile development, resistance to leaf diseases, winter-hardiness and persistence were all evaluated. For the persistent varieties («Mattenklee» type), results allowing for recommendation were obtained by the diploids «TP 0425» and «TP 0445» as well as by the tetraploids «TP 0645» and «TP 0486», whilst in the short-lived varieties (common red clover), success was achieved by the diploids «Bonus», «TP 0725», «Regent», «Harmonie», «AberClaret», «Garant» and «Dimanche», and by the tetraploids «Magellan», «Hammon» and «Atlantis». The new cultivars «TP 0425», «TP 0445», «TP 0645», «TP 0486» and «TP 0725» have yet to pass the test for distinctness, uniformity and stability of traits before they can be recommended. The varieties «Corvus», «Larus», «Suez», «Slavoj», «Sigord» and «Maro» no longer satisfy the requirements, and are being deleted from the List of Recommended Varieties of Forage Plants. They may, however, still be used as recommended varieties until the end of 2016.

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