Agroscope, Institute for Sustainability Sciences ISS, Switzerland

Who buys organic foods in Switzerland?

Over the past years, the Swiss market for organic foods has grown considerably. However, little is known about the factors that motivate consumers to purchase organic food products. Within the framework of this analysis, data from Swiss households on the consumption of organic foods were analysed descriptively and econometrically. The evaluation of these household data confirmed the growing trend for organic foods in general and for the nine product groups under consideration, namely Bread and Grain Products; Meat; Fish; Dairy Products and Eggs; Edible Fats and Oils; Fruit; Vegetables; Sugar and Confectionery; and Condiments and Sauces. The most popular organic products were vegetables, dairy products and eggs, and fruit, with the consumption of organic vegetables showing the strongest growth. The econometric analysis showed that the sociodemographic structure of the households influenced the decision to buy organic foods. As income increased, so did the likelihood that these households would purchase organic products. The age of the reference person of the household and the presence of children also played a role, with childless households being more likely to buy organic foods than those with children

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