Agroscope, Institute for Livestock Sciences ILS, 1725 Posieux, Switzerland

Quality of whole-crop silage from triticale, oats and forage peas

Experiments with various mixtures containing triticale, oats and forage peas were carried out at Agroscope Posieux in 2012 and 2013. The crops were harvested on two dates, chopped, and ensiled in laboratory silos. In addition, the influence of a chemical silage additive on lactic acid fermentation as well as the aerobic stability was studied for some mixtures. Results showed that the ensilaged materials had high sugar contents, high fermentability coefficients, and low nitrate contents. Some of the mixtures and individual plants ensiled on the first date had a relatively high butyric acid content and hence poor silage quality. Of the three plants contained in the mixture, oats were particularly responsible for the poor quality. The addition of a chemical silage additive reduced butyric acid and ethanol formation as well as fermentation gas losses; in addition, it improved the aerobic stability of the silages.

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