Agroscope, Institute for Sustainability Sciences ISS, Switzerland

Situation analysis for odour complaints about cattle housing

Generally speaking, cattle sheds are naturally ventilated buildings. Because of this, the situation is different on both the emission and impact sides than for animal housing with forced ventilation. This paper highlights methods contributing to the clarification of odour complaints. Using a case study, a process is explained with an analysis of the nuisance and site situation, the husbandry method and the management strategy. The emission situation is characterised by the individual sources in the categories «housing», «feed store» and «farmyard manure store», in combination with the operating approach. Of importance in terms of the residents’ perception of odour are the specific site, meteorological aspects, and additional emitters. In planning processes, particular care in the siting of animal housing systems is advisable owing to the potential impact on residents. To date, and where already existing sites, extended diffuse sources, natural ventilation, and – in particular – constellations with cold-air outflows are concerned, the starting points for odour reduction have been few in number. In the case of individual complaints, as holistic a methodological approach as possible helps us to take the odour complaints seriously and arrive at situation-appropriate solutions that are as amicable as possible.

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