Agroscope, Institute for Sustainability Sciences ISS, Switzerland

Profitability of domestic grain legumes

The profitability of growing grain legumes in Switzerland is of interest when discussing the importation of feed. Cost/performance calculations on a full-cost basis for soya, field beans, protein peas and lupins yield a realised hourly rate or work monetisation of at least CHF 37.–, assuming efficient management on three-hectare plots. This work monetisation is comparable to that of wheat, and significantly better than for feed barley. Converted to kilograms of crude protein, the aforementioned four crops notched up production costs of between CHF 1.10 and CHF 1.40. Although the costs of processing steps are not borne in mind in this calculation, domestic production of protein can compete with imported de-oiled soya meal. Qualitative differences such as protein digestibility and availability were not taken into account in this study.

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