Research Institute for Organic Agriculture, Frick

Fattening performance of male layer hybrids fed different protein sources

The growth performance of male layer hybrids fed diets containing different protein sources and protein contents was examined in three fattening trials. As expected, the comparison of the Lohmann Brown (LB) and Lohmann Selected Leghorn (LSL) genotypes with Hubbard JA 757 (HUB) broiler hybrids demonstrated that the male layer hybrids showed a lower fattening performance. Life weights, daily weight gains and carcass weights were influenced by genotype. However, the performance of the LB males was distinctly advantageous compared with that of the LSL males. The partial replacement in the rations of soya with alfalfa meal, which also led to lower protein contents, resulted in reduced performance, especially in HUB broiler hybrids. In contrast, the LB genotype proved advantageous in terms of converting rations with reduced protein content. For fattening male layer hybrids, this finding offers the opportunity to counteract the animals’ low efficiency through ration composition.

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