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Market analysis of the Swiss fish value chain

In 2016, 75,791 metric tons of fish and seafood were sold in Switzerland, 1,679 metric tons of which were domestically produced. Per capita consumption stood at 9.1 kg and had increased by approximately 60% over the 25 years prior. The present market analysis of the Swiss fish value chain describes the status quo of the Swiss fish market in 20161. It also identifies potential for Swiss fish production along the value chain. Moreover, it represents the basis for a future Swiss fish market strategy. A value chain map was produced based on statistical data and expert interviews. In 2016, the gross value added of Swiss fish production stood at CHF 29 million, making it the sector with the lowest value added share in the overall primary sector (CHF 4,354 million in total) (BFS, 2018). It is, however, the only sector in which gross value added has been increasing since 2006. The analysis also shows that there is a lack of a sector organisation composed of all stakeholders in the fish sector. Such an organisation would need to be tasked with promoting and making more transparent the marketing of «Swiss» fish and with representing the sector’s needs in the policy arena.

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