Highlighting and planning workload on the farm and in the family

More and more farm-manager couples plan and discuss everyday tasks on the farm and for the family jointly, in order to achieve greater flexibility in accomplishing their work. The available planning tools and work budgets for work on the farm and in the household are, however, based on different data sources. In some cases, data for workflows are either outdated or completely absent. Planning for both of these subareas with a single calculation tool was previously impossible. Now, however, the online application «Labour- Scope» – Agroscope’s platform for workbudget and work- economics figures – has been expanded with an additional «housekeeping » module, allowing the workingtime requirement for both spheres – farm and household – to be calculated. The allocation of the labour of wife and husband to the spheres of farm, household and off-farm employment can now be planned. The transparency of the work-economics situation of each individual partner thus achieved makes it possible to evaluate temporal workload. Involvement in new activities (e.g. a new branch of farming or an off-farm activity) or changes in the family structure (the birth of a child, etc.) can be taken into account in terms of the effects on working-time requirement.

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