Agroscope, 1725 Posieux, Switzerland

Swiss beef tenderness survey: third 2018 campaign

The third beef tenderness survey campaign was carried out during the final trimester of 2018. One hundred sixty-eight samples of beef were purchased in retail outlets, as well as 38 pork fillets for purposes of comparison. Some of the samples were also analysed as part of the beef origin verification program set up by the Swiss meat sector association Proviande. The results of the Proviande analysis identified an average overall aging time of 29 days, which is optimal for producing tender beef meat. The tenderness results reveal a highly satisfactory overall situation for beef. The improved tenderness of the beef sirloin since the first campaign is particularly striking. Risks of beef sirloin and tenderloin fat oxidation during cooking were detected in correlation with a higher concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids than in other cuts. Beef fillet is less tender than sirloin, tenderloin or rump steak, despite its price being the highest in the survey. Lastly, analyses of the pork fillet confirm the high quality of this product on the Swiss market.

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