Farmers, beekeepers and researchers unite to safeguard pollinators

Recent studies show a decline in the abundance and diversity of wild pollinators, as well as an increase in honeybee mortality. These pollinators are an integral part of biodiversity and play an essential role in the growing of certain crops and in wild plant reproduction. In the Swiss cantons of Vaud and Jura, and in Bernese Jura, nine agricultural measures have recently been proposed by the “Agriculture and pollinators” project. These measures aim to increase the food resources available in the agricultural environment often deficient in flowers, and to promote pollinator-friendly farming practices. A further objective is to improve communication between the various partners involved. A key aspect of this project is a rigorous scientific monitoring to verify the effectiveness of these measures. The originality and importance of this eight-year study lie in its broad geographical coverage, long duration and close cooperation between the interdisciplinary research team and beekeepers, farmers and policy-makers, aimed at developing more sustainable farming and beekeeping practices based on scientific evidence.

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