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El Benni N., Ryser U., Rösch M., Mattmann M., Abt F., Paupe L. and Gusset M.

Charter on Digitalisation: Together towards Sustainable Solutions

The Swiss agricultural sector currently makes little use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. A charter launched in 2018 aims to further develop the digitalisation of the Swiss agricultural and food sector and to exploit the potential in the interests of all stakeholders.

Frick R., Huber K., Moschitz H., Alföldi Th.

Agricultural demonstration events: what matters

Together with institutionalised further and higher education courses, exchanges between professional colleagues have an important role to play when it comes to introducing new ideas and technologies into farming practice. Accordingly, demonstration events have a long tradition in Switzerland. Until now there has been virtually no research into the factors influencing the impacts of farming…

Reissig L.

Frequency of burnout in the swiss farming sector

Burnout among farmers is an increasingly frequent topic of discussion in the Swiss agricultural press, although there have been no empirical studies on the phenomenon to date. In 2016, 4000 Swiss Farmers were invited to complete a questionnaire, the aim of which was to investigate the frequency and causes of burnout in the Swiss farming…

Obrist R., Moschitz H., Home R.

Reconfiguring the agricultural knowledge system in Switzerland

The Agricultural Knowledge System (AKS) in Europe has been, and often continues to be, characterised by the idea of linear knowledge transfer from science to farmers. Particularly in Switzerland, new structures have arisen as a result of the turnaround in agricultural policy and the introduction at the end of the twentieth century of cross-compliance between…

Knoth R., Bosshard A., Junge X.

Farmers' and experts' attitudes towards the new agricultural policy

The new Swiss Agricultural Policy 2014–2017 (AP 14–17) is designed to better compensate farmers for their production of common goods such as ecosystem services. We investigated the attitudes of Swiss farmers towards this new political measure and towards the trend of the increasing ecological performance of agriculture. In addition, we studied the expectations of farmers…