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Stauffer W

Percolation and yield of different crop rotations

During seven years (April 1993 – March 2000), the effect of different crop rotations, grass-clover mixture, Miscanthus, and lay, on the amount of percolate and nitrate leaching to groundwater was investigated in lysimeters (1 m2 surface, 1.4 m depth) filled with a weakly humic, loamy sand (ortic luvisol). The experimental layout, and data for yield,…
Plant production

Rüegger A., Zanetti S., Guy R

Field inspections 2000

The field inspections for seed certification of cereals, hybrid maize, grain legumes, red clover and forage grasses were carried out on 8‘945 ha in 2000. In cereals 92,5 % of the registered area was admitted during field inspection, 2,1 % was refused and 5,4 % was withdrawn from field inspection. Hail damage, presence of other…
Agricultural economics

Girsberger M.A.

Patents, Plant Breeders' Rights and Farmers' Rights

At present, Farmers’ Rights are, in contrast to patents and plant breeders’ rights, not an operational mechanism to protect genetic resources. One of the aims of the ongoing revision of the “International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources” (International Undertaking) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations is the further realisation of…

Zehnder H.-J., Kopp P., Riesen T.

Influence of potassium supply on the release radiocesium from the roots of vine plants

The foliar uptake of radioactive cesium (134Cs) by selected leaves of grape vine plants and the subsequent redistribution within the plants was examined under controlled conditions in a greenhouse. The radionuclide was applied as chloride. The plants were grown in glass containers with nutrient solution. Samples of plants and nutrient media were analyzed throughout the…
Animal production

Pfirter H.P., Frey M., Gafner J.-L., Guidon D.

Wheat in feed for broilers

In order to gather data about the quality of wheat, especially for broiler feeding, a study covering the 1999 Swiss harvest was performed with the help of the major interested circles. Wheat quality data is essentially based on their baking ability, which criteria are used to classify the lots. Wheat of good baking quality in…
Plant production

Lehmann J., Briner H.-U., Mosimann E.

Swiss List 2001-2002 of recommended varieties of forage plants, Variation factors of the nutritive value of silage maize

In the years 1997 to 1999 we tested 45 varieties of Lolium multiflorum var. Italicum and 24 varieties of Lolium x hybridum at five different experimental sites. All varieties were grown in pure stands and in mixture with red clover. The parameters assessed were forage yield, juvenile growth, competing ability, resistance to diseases, digestibility and…

Corvus and Pica: two new red clover cultivars of the persistent Mattenklee type

Two new red clover cultivars, CORVUS and PICA, of the persistent “Mattenklee” type are being released in Switzerland. They have been selected for being less aggressive in mixtures. Their first year yield is slightly lower than that of the known “Mattenklee” cultivars. However, they have an excellent level of resistance against stem nematodes, powdery mildew…
Plant production

Widmer A., Kellerhals M., Rusterholz P.

Sustainable and competitive fruit production: a challenge for the production chain and for research

Fruit growers aim to produce fruit economically and in an environmentally friendly way. Research should find the relevant solutions. Moreover, the framework of agricultural politics and the increasingly open markets are strong challenges for the fruit industry. The following examples will give an insight into the activities of the Federal Research Station Wädenswil: apple breeding…
Plant production

Theiler R., H. Buser

Varietal diversity in horticulture

New vegetable varieties must be grown at different regional sites to evaluate their specific potential with respect to time and duration of the harvesting period, their yield and quality. Additionally, cultivars with resistance or tolerance to pests and/or pathogen must be tested under defined conditions in the field. In future, more information is needed on…