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Animal production

Pfirter H.P., Frey M., Gafner J.-L., Guidon D.

Wheat in feed for broilers

In order to gather data about the quality of wheat, especially for broiler feeding, a study covering the 1999 Swiss harvest was performed with the help of the major interested circles. Wheat quality data is essentially based on their baking ability, which criteria are used to classify the lots. Wheat of good baking quality in…
Animal production

Bühlmann G., Finessi-Draškovic S.

Total microbial counts of goat milk

Total microbial counts from 2400 samples of goat milk from the Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland are not normally distributed. Arithmetic means of the number of colony forming units (cfu/ml) are higher than in cow milk whereas the medians are lower. From 1995 until 1997 the producers managed to increase steadily the ratio of class…

Testing silage additives 1999

In 1999, we investigated the efficacy of six silage additives, containing lactic acid bacteria, which should promote the main fermentation. The trials were carried out in small-scale silos with a mixture of lucerne and cocksfoot. Forage of the first and also second cut was ensiled at two different dry matter levels (about 20 and 30…
Animal production

Dissler L., Häberli M., Probst S., Spring P.

Piglets diet supplemented with amino acid valine

The goals of these trials were to investigate the effects of different dietary amino acid concentrations and valine:lysine ratios on piglet performance and health. Two 4-week trials with 90 weaned piglets each were conducted. Both trials were set up as a block design with 3 treatments and 6 replicates per treatment (a total of 18…
Animal production

Schrader L., Meier S., Blank C., Füger D.

Wheat in feed for broilers

“No two cows are alike in their behavioural characteristics. These individual differences become evident in the reactions and the sensitivity of cows towards environmental changes already in daily life situations. There is evidence that such behavioural characteristics predispose an animal’s stress responsiveness. We assessed two methods in order to quantify individual characteristics: (1) we asked…