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Plant production

Meisser M., Wyss U.

The influence of weather conditions on growth, maturation and nutritive value of silage maize

For 20 consecutive years, the maize cultivar LG 11 has been serving as reference variety at the Federal Research Station for Animal Production (RAP). The collected data and observations provided an appropriate basis to investigate the influence of weather conditions on growth and development of this variety.<br>The Temperature sum (basis 6°C) for the time interval…

New cultivars of hybrid ryegrass: Antilope, Dorcas and Redunca

Three new Swiss cultivars of hybrid ryegrass (Lolium x boucheanum) have been released recently: Antilope, Dorcas and Redunca. These tetraploid cultivars originate either from crosses between Italian and perennial ryegrass at the diploid level, followed by a colchicine treatment, or from crosses between tetraploid parents. All three cultivars consistently outyield Gazella, the previously most used…

Important plant communities and plant species of alpine pastures

The changing natural conditions such as water and nutrient supply, temperature and the various intensities of grazing enable many plant species to grow and numerous plant communities to establish. The following types of pastures were distinguished: High yielding, carefully utilized fertile pastures of the vegetation types Cynosurion, Poion alpinae. Low yielding, poor pastures on acid…
Plant production

Schubiger F.X., Bosshard H.-R., Lehmann J.

Net energy content of different grass species

The content of net energy for lactation, crude protein and crude fibre of fifteen grass species were compared. Samples were collected in field trials during the first, second and third growth cycle of a total of five growth cycles per year. Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) produced the forage with the highest content of net…
Plant production

Mediavilla V., Bassetti P., Konermann M., Schmid-Slembrouck I.

Optimisation of nitrogen fertilisation and seed density in hemp crop

To study the influence of nitrogen fertilisation and seed density in hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) field trials were carried out in Switzerland and South Germany. A high seed density (30-60 kg/ha) and nitrogen fertilisation did increase stem and bast yields. Nitrogen also increased seed yield, plant height but also lodging. Seed yield was higher at…
Plant production

Walther U., Weisskopf P., Jäggli F.

Effect of soil characteristics, farming system and weather on optimum nitrogen application in winter barley and winter wheat

Data from 822 plots were used to test different methods of estimating the optimum nitrogen application in winter barley and winter wheat. No method could estimate with sufficient accuracy the optimum amount as determined with the Nmin-method. Possible explanations are the non-additive effect of the different factors and the almost innumerable combination possibilities of the…
Plant production

Schubiger F.X., Bosshard H.-R., Lehmann J.

The nutritive value of red clover

Red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) had a higher content of protein and of digestible organic matter than orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata L) during the first, second and third growth cycles. With advancing maturity, the protein content and the digestibility decreased in both species. Red clover showed approximately 40 % less cell wall content than orchard…
Plant production

Lehmann J., Briner H.-U., Mosimann E.

Varieties of red clover and meadow fescue in tests

Between 1995 and 1997, 38 varieties of red clover and 24 of meadow fescue have been evaluated in a comparative variety test program. The criterias looked at were properties as yielding ability, competitive ability, resistance to diseases and persistence. Based on the achieved results, the following varieties are newly considered for the <<List of Recommended…
Plant production

Bohren C., Dubois D., Zihlmann U., Weisskopf P., Spiess E.

Direct-mulch-planting of potatoes

The possibilities of dead and living mulch were checked in three years trials comparing direct-mulch-planting and the traditional cropping system of potatoes. It is the aim to develop herbological methods in the new cropping system and to minimize N-leaching. The pre-forming of ridges after cereal harvest in the late summer and the type of green…