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Determined and estimated nutritive value of chicory, birdsfoot trefoil and sainfoin

The assessment of the nutritional value of plants rich in condensed tannins (CT) stems from the models predicting the normal nutritional value. In order to verify the effects, this study compares the nutritional value of chicory (cychorium intybus), sainfoin (onobrychis viciifolia) and lotus (lotus corniculatus) obtained with data determined using animals (in vivo, in sacco)…

Schrade S., Keck M.

Ammonia from cattle housing systems: development of emissions in Switzerland

Annual livestock numbers, the distribution of livestock housing systems and NH3 emission factors were used to calculate ammonia emissions (NH3) from cattle farming for the years 1990 to 2020. Emission factors for loose housing with outdoor exercise areas were computed using a model-based calculation based on emission measurements from six dairy housing systems, milk urea…
Plant production

Kuster M., Herzog F., Rehnus M., Sorg J.-P.

Innovative agroforestry systems – on-farm monitoring of opportunities and limitations

Agriculture will undergo ecological intensification. Agroforestry systems which combine woody plants with arable crops and/or grassland provide ecological as well as economic benefits. One the one hand, agroforestry systems are characterised by higher overall productivity. On the other, they are expected to provide improved resource conservation and contribute to enhanced biodiversity. Whether this potential can…
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Schumpp O., Berger V., Remolif E., Messerli B., Frei P., Monod M., Wolfender J.L., Gindro K.

Antifungal properties of plants exposed to UV irradiation

When exposed to stress, plants produce protective compounds. These molecules contribute to their adaptation to environmental changes and to resistance to microbial attacks. Some fungal phytopathogenic species, especially those belonging to the Fusarium group, are also able to develop diseases in humans. In order to identify new sources of antifungal molecules of pharmacologic or agronomic…
Plant production

Sanvido O., Hippe C., Bergamin L.

Evaluating occupational health risks in the approval process of plant protection products

Plant protection products (PPP) have become an important production factor in many agricultural cultivation systems without which the high quality and output of agricultural products cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand however, PPP often have dangerous properties, and can therefore only be brought into circulation in Switzerland once they have been approved by the…
Plant production

Suter D., Hirschi H., Frick R., Aebi P.

Perennial ryegrass: 62 cultivars put to the test

From 2009 through 2011, Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon ART and Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil ACW tested 62 cultivars of perennial ryegrass, including 45 new cultivars. Yield, vigour, juvenile development, competitive ability, persistence, winter hardiness, resistance to leaf diseases and bacterial wilt, digestible organic matter content and suitability for higher altitudes were investigated. Of the early-to-mid-early varieties, «Algira», «Arcturus» and…
Animal production

Arrigo Y., Stoll P.

Estimate of the nutritive value of maize silage

In order to check and improve the prediction of their nutritive value, 12 maize silages were studied as a supplement to the previous trials. Two varieties (Amadeo and LG32,52) were harvested at three different stages over the course of two years. The silages were studied to determine organic-matter digestibility (OMD) in the case of sheep,…

Pittet G., Luginbühl W., Berger T.

Influence of the storage period between sampling and analysis on total bacterial count in milk

Every month, only one official milk-testing result is available from between 1000 and 1200 milk producers instead of the two required. Of the missing results, one part originates from milk-collection centers where milk delivery takes place every other day and sampling is performed manually, and is therefore attributable to the time delay between sampling notification…
Agricultural economics

Möhring A., Mack G., Willersinn C.

Vegetable growing – Modelling heterogeneity and intensity

The agent-based agricultural sector model, SWISSland, simulates the processes of structural change and income trends in Swiss agriculture. The objective is to provide a portrayal of the behavioural patterns of farms that is as close to reality as possible. This article describes a method of best possible deduction from cost and work requirement coefficients, which…
Plant production

Bravin E., Blunschi M., Egger S.

ArboPlus, a tool to support management skills of fruit grower

ACW developed an Excel based tool called ArboPlus to help growers to roughly evaluate their situation on orchard, farm and family level. Information has been collected within workshops and interviews with consultants for fruit production and business. At orchard level, growers can analyze their productivity and compare it with a benchmark. At farm level, they…
Plant production

Suter M., Arnold B., Küng J., Nagel R., Zollinger A., Lüscher A.

Senecio aquaticus shows rapid and high seed germination

Senecio aquaticus (marsh ragwort), poisonous to livestock, has become increasingly abundant in agricultural grassland. In this study, the germination and seed survival of S. aquaticus were investigated in a series of standardised tests with the aim to improve the species’ control in managed grassland. Germination percentages of fresh ripe seeds of S. aquaticus were on…
Agricultural economics

Huber R., Iten A., Briner S.

Further development of the direct payments system and land-use change in mountain regions

The re-allocation of head based animal to area based direct payments in the context of the next agricultural policy reform (AP 14–17) should reduce the incentive keeping high stocking densities and thus reduce emissions from agricultural production. In this contribution, we quantify the impact of this re-allocation on land-use intensities in two different mountain regions…
Agricultural economics

Buttler A., Gavazov A., Peringer A., Siehoff S., Mariotte P., Wettstein J.-B., Chételat J., Huber R., Gillet F., Spiegelberger T.

Conservation of pasture woodlands in the Jura mountains: climate change and agro-political challenges

Wooded pastures of the Jura mountains are mainly used for fodder and timber production, but they provide also other goods and services such as biodiversity, leisure areas as well as attractive landscapes. These ecosystems are sensitive to climate and land-use changes. In this paper we report on a transplantation experiment and model simulations to show…
Agricultural economics

Huber R., Bebi P., Briner S., Bugmann H., Buttler A., Grêt-Regamey A., Hirschi C., Scholz R., Zimmermann W., Rigling A.

Climate change and sustainable land-use in mountain regions

The research project MOUNTLAND addresses the impacts of climate- and land-use changes on the provision of ecosystem services in mountain regions. The project applies an integrative approach by combining field experiments, ecological modeling, land-use modeling and the analysis societal and political decision making processes. The conceptual approach taken allows for the consideration of feedback effects…