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Plant production

Samietz J., Graf B., Höhn H., Schaub L., Höpli H.U.

Forecasting tree fruit pests

The forecasting tool SOPRA has been developed with the objective to optimize timing of monitoring and control measures of insect pests in fruit orchards. Applying time-varying distributed delay approaches, phenology-models were developed driven by solar radiation, air temperature and soil temperature on hourly basis. Models are developed and validated for Dysaphis plantaginea, Hoplocampa testudinea, Cydia…
Animal production

Bärlocher H., Wenk C., Scheeder M.R.L.

Fattening pigs: influence of housing systems on the pH-value of the musculus long. dorsi (M.l.d)

In a survey, the effect of alternative (ALT) compared to conventional (KON) housing systems on the post mortem pH of the M.l.d. of fattening pigs was investigated. ALT housing systems corresponded to the Swiss BTS and RAUS regulations providing for e.g. larger and enriched pens with a straw bed as well as limited outdoor access.…
Animal production

Burger D., Bachmann I., Poncet P.A.

Applied Research on the Behaviour of horses

The behaviour of a horse, a typical flight and herd animal, can significantly influence its use, regardless of the discipline in which it is engaged. To an average rider or driver a horse’s temperament plays a decisive role, more important even than its conformation, size or price of purchase. Despite the indisputably high significance of…
Plant production

Huguenin-Elie O., Stutz C.J., Gago R., Lüscher A.

Maintenance of meadows by selfreseesiding of grass species

Four intensively managed permanent meadows were cut during several years either at seed maturity of the forage grass species or at heading stage. This last cutting regime prevented the self-reseeding of the forage grass species and brought about a deterioration of the botanical composition of the cocksfoot meadow and the foxtail meadow. The populations of…
Agricultural economics

Sanders J., Stolze M., Offermann F.

The Swiss agricultural sector model CH-FARMIS

Future agricultural policy reforms will be a new challenge for Swiss agriculture. As a result of differences in competitiveness, it is expected that agriculture will be differently affected by a further agricultural liberalisation. In order to be able to conduct a highly differentiated policy impact analysis for specific groups of farms, the Research Institute of…
Agricultural economics

Krummenacher J., Maier B., Huber F., Weibel F.

Can agroforestry be economic? The analysis of a farm with longtime experience

In agriculture there is an increasing area of conflict between ecological and economical demands. An innovative approach that can fulfill requirements in a sustainable husbandry as well as in a competitive production is the agroforestry. On the basis of a case study conducted in Germany, we analysed how the profitability of an agroforestry system can…

Developing an automatic guidance system for tractors in fruit farming

Dans les cultures fruitières, vingt à trente opérations d’entretien doivent être effectuées chaque saison à l’aide de machines. Elles concernent par exemple le mulching ou la protection phytosanitaire. En vue de décharger le conducteur et d’automatiser totalement ou partiellement les différentes opérations, les systèmes de guidage automatique jouent un rôle-clé. Jusqu’à présent, il n’existait aucun…

Hummerjohann J., Ulmann B., Schällibaum M.

Incidence of paratuberculosis pathogens in Swiss raw milk

Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP), cause of paratuberculosis in cattle and other animals, is meant to be suspicious for being involved in Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease of humans. As the bacterium is able to partially survive the pasteurization of milk and the process of cheese ripening, it is important to know the presence…

Gasser F., Eppler T., Naunheim W., Gabioud S., Höhn E.

Control of the critical oxygen level during dynamic CA storage of apples

The concept of dynamic CA storage (DCA) involves the reduction of the oxygen level in the storage atmosphere to near the lowest level tolerated by the fruit, the so-called anaerobic compensation point. Fruit quality loss during DCA storage is presumed to be slowed down compared to normal ULO storage. Storage conditions below the critical oxygen…
Plant production

Kölliker R., Studer B., Krähenbühl R., Streckeisen P., Schubiger F.X., Boller B., Widmer F.

Molecular genetics for improving bacterial wilt resistance in ryegrass

Bacterial wilt caused by Xanthomonas translucens pv. graminis (Xtg) is a major disease of Italian ryegrass (L. multiflorum Lam.). Although targeted resistance breeding has resulted in cultivars with considerable levels of resistance, the mechanisms of inheritance of resistance are poorly understood and further breeding progress is difficult to obtain. In this study, molecular genetic diagnostic…
Plant production

Buser H., Theiler R.

Virus elimination from ancient varieties of runner bean

In 2004, collected ancient varieties of runner bean were investigated in a cooperative project between the organic seed nursery Zollinger, the university of applied sciences Waedenswil, and the Agroscope Changins-Waedenswil Research Station ACW. The principal aim of this project, which is part of a national action plan of Swiss Confederation, was to preserve and promote…

Jossi W., Schweizer C., Keller S.

Click-beetle species and biological control of wireworms

Wireworms, the larval stages of click beetles, cause feeding damage to a number of crops. With potatoes the tuber quality is frequently impaired, leading to downgrading losses. In Switzerland damage north of the Alps is primarily caused by the Agriotes obscurus, A. lineatus and A. sputator species. All three species have a very similar cycle…
Animal production

Hofstetter P., Stoll P.

Economic aspects of seasonal outdoor pig production under current and future political conditions

The economic aspects of Swiss outdoor pig production integrated with crop rotation have been studied for the first time, including costs for rearing, breeding and fattening. The required working time per animal per day was 2,7, 15,6 and 2,3 man minutes during the rearing, the outdoor breeding and the fattening period, respectively. In the trial…
Animal production

Stoll P., Zihlmann U., Hofstetter P.

Pig production system with seasonal outdoor keeping

A production system with seasonal outdoor rearing of pigs can be designed to be environmentally compatible with properly planned crop rotation. An extended crop rotation of 6 – 7 years avoids damage to the soil, reduces parasite pressure and also permits the cultivation of grain legumes. It is possible to obtain an equalized nitrogen balance…
Agricultural economics

Hug-Sutter M., Durgiai B., Schwarzenbach R.

Two major lines of impact for the milk value chain in mountainous regions

There have always been special requirements for agriculture in mountainous regions. Compared to plain areas an unequal evolution due to different potentials in production and changing demands of society can be observed. Traditionally dairy production was the most important sector of agriculture in most mountainous areas. As a result of environmental changes and the along…

Bisig W., Collomb M., Bütikofer U., Sieber R., Bregy M., Etter L.

Seasonal variation of fatty acid composition in Swiss mountain `s milk

The influence of typical feeds in the five mountain regions Engadin, Rheinwald, Emmental, Luzerner Hinterland and Toggenburg on the fatty acid (FA) compostion of milkfat was investigated over one year from May 2004 till April 2005. The average altitude of grass-based feed (GBF) growth was 1247 ± 465 m for the summer feed and 1136 ±…
Agricultural economics

Etter L., Schwarzenbach R.

Strategies for dairy manufacturing plants in Swiss mountainous areas

Clear and consequent implemented strategies for commercial dairy manufacturing plants in Swiss mountainous areas in a deregulated cheese market will become more important in the future. Due to demand trends of the market there are sound perspectives for the sale of premium quality and authentic cheese products. The plants participating in the mountain dairy project…