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Agricultural economics

Achermann G., Helfenstein J., Speranza C.I., Herzog F.

Reality Check: Has the Neo-Liberal, Conservative or Agro-Ecological Vision of Swiss Farming Prevailed?

Agroscope studied the changes in the agricultural sector over the past twenty years in three Swiss regions and compared them with the visions of three associations: Avenir Suisse, the Schweizer Bauernverband and Landwirtschaft mit Zukunft.

Lazzari G., Münger A., Heimo D., Seifert S., Camarinha-Silva A., Borda-Molina D., Zähner M., Schrade S., Kreuzer M., Dohme-Meier F.

Sainfoin Silage and Acacia Extract Reduce the Nitrogen Content in the Urine of Dairy Cows

In dairy cows, herbage-based diets often lead to increased nitrogen excretion. Tanniferous sainfoin and extract of acacia can reduce nitrogen excretion from urine and thus ammonia volatilization from slurry.
Animal production

Ueda K., Heikkilä U., Kuntzer T., Gobbo Oliveira Erünlü N., Joël Bérard J., Wellnitz O., Beglinger C., Rieder S.

Remote Monitoring –Sensor Ear-Tag for Cattle Put to the Test

Monitoring systems for indoor housing and home or alpine pastures are gaining in importance owing to their potential for uninterrupted remote monitoring of livestock and for automating administrative tasks. Identitas AG and Agroscope tested the suitability of a sensor ear-tag for cattle for this purpose. The agricultural sector is evolving towards larger farms with bigger…

Bretscher D., Wüst-Galley C., Ammann C., Kupper T., Schenker S., Eggli D., Meyer L., Bock M.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2023: New Calculation Guidelines Leave Overall Picture for Agriculture Largely Unchanged

Agroscope compiles annually updated inventories and projections for Swiss agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. With the change to reporting under the Paris Agreement, new bases for calculation must be taken into account. Despite this, the overall picture for agriculture remains largely unchanged.

Korkaric M., Lehto M., Poiger T., de Baan L., Mathis M., Ammann L., Hanke I., Balmer M., Blom J.F.

Risk Indicators for Plant Protection Products: Further Analyses for Calculation

Agroscope has developed risk indicators which show the development of risks associated with the use of plant protection products for important environmental compartments, describe the risk potential of the active substances and take account of legal measures for risk mitigation.