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Animal production

Hertzberg H., Maurer V., Heckendorn F., Wanner A., Gutzwiller A., Mosimann E.

Control of gastrointestinal nematodes in cattle under dry pasture conditions

A controlled field experiment was performed in the year 2003 with 3 groups of each 20 first season grazing cattle. The efficacy of a biological (Duddingtonia flagrans) and an anthelmintic control strategy (morantel sustained release trilaminate bolus) against gastrointestinal nematodes (GIN) was investigated under unusually dry and warm meteorological conditions. The external conditions resulted in…
Plant production

Suter M., Lüscher A.

Senecio aquaticus – Can the occurrence be influenced by management pratice?

Senecio aquaticus Hill (marsh ragwort) is a poisonous weed in grasslands of various countries (e.g. Great Britain and Central European states); its further spread into farmland must be prevented. This study provides information on habitat preferences of S. aquaticus and reveals how management practice can influence the occurrence of the species. In a survey conducted in…

Vergères G.

Nutrigenomics: science or fiction

Research in the domain of human nutrition is marked by the emergence of nutrigenomics, a science that bases itself on three decades of developments in life sciences (medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology), microtechnics and informatics. The sequencing of the human genome has opened the door to a holistic approach in which genetic material, proteins and metabolites…

Fröhlich-Wyder M.-T., Bütikofer U., Guggisberg D., Wechsler D.

Raclette cheese: less calcium for better melting properties

ALP conducted studies with experimental raclette cheese made from pasteurised milk to obtain a better understanding of the influence of calcium on the melting properties of raclette cheese. The trial presented here achieved its aim of using various factors to lower the calcium content of the cheese and increase the proportion of dissolved calcium. The…

Eigenmann C., Kellerhals M.

Which apples do the consumers require?

The survey at hand on new apple varieties and the survey on consumer habits were conducted in 2005 at the BEA 05 in Berne and in 2006 at the Migros in Wädenswil. The investigation was part of the EU project HIDRAS, which is concerned with the development of high-quality disease resistant apple varieties for a…