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Animal production

Burose F., Anliker T., Herd D., Jungbluth T., Zähner M.

Stationary RFID Antenna Systems for Pigs Identification

The use of an electronic labelling system for livestock enables the animals to be automatically identified with stationary antenna systems. In the present study, the recognition system for reading individual transponders from a group (bulk reading), already in use in other industrial sectors, was tested with fattening pigs. To evaluate different antenna systems, transponders mounted…

Silage additives: test results 2009

The efficacy of the silage additive Silostar Protect in improving the aerobic stability of wilted grass silages was investigated. Forage of a mixture containing mainly grasses from the first and second cuts was pre-wilted to 40 % DM and ensiled in laboratory scale silos. Besides the variant with Silostar Protect, a variant without additive and…
Animal production

Boessinger M., Emmenegger J., Chassot A., Morel I.

Feed consumption and live wight performance of suckle cows with calves

As part of a bachelor thesis at the ETH Zurich, data of a four-year experiment of Agroscope ALP Project «Typo» was evaluated. From cows of the suckler cow breeds Angus, Limousin, Eringer and the crossbred type Limousin x Red Holstein, feed intake and live weight performance was measured during the winter feeding periods. With feed…
Animal production

Mosimann E., Schmied R., Thuillard C.P., Thomet P.

Beef fattening on grazed grass-clover mixtures: interest of the tall fescue

Beef production from pasture leys is foreseen as a possible alternative to cropping and dairying in the Swiss lowlands. New varieties of tall fescue are described as adequate for grazing in dry conditions. Experiments were conducted in four sites from 2007 to 2009 comparing two grass-clover mixtures (dominant grass: SM 460 = perennial ryegrass; SM…
Animal production

Burger D., Baumgartner M., Bahmann I., Grivel C., Rizzoli A., von Niederhäusern R., Poncet P.-A.

Fünf Jahre Netzwerk Pferdeforschung Schweiz

In nur fünf Jahren ist die vom Schweizerischen Nationalgestüt in Avenches ins Leben gerufene und organisierte, öffentliche Jahrestagung des Netzwerks Pferdeforschung Schweiz zur wichtigsten und international anerkannten interdisziplinären Plattform der Forschenden rund ums Pferd in der Schweiz geworden. In diesem Rahmen hat sie sich auch zu einer interaktiven und transparenten Brücke zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis…
Animal production

Miéville-Ott V., Meisser M., Chassot A., Freléchoux F.

PASTO project: towards a realistic scenario for meat production in mountain areas

The PASTO project tested and developed innovative practices in meat production based on Herens breed, that contribute to landscape preservation and to added value creating at local level. A multi-disciplinary approach evaluated the agronomical, economic, technical and sociological aspects of these practical cases. In the perspective of transferring the results to the practitioners, a transversal…
Animal production

Leiber F., Messikommer R., Wenk C

Buckwheat: a feed for broiler chicken?

Three broiler diets were composed, containing respectively 40% of wheat, hulled buckwheat or raw buckwheat. Respectively 24 male broiler chicken (Ross PM3) were fattened with one of these experimental diets from day 8 to 35 of life. Utilization of energy and nutrients as well as fattening performance and weights at slaughter were evaluated. Although fibre…

Stocking rates on pasture: effect on herbage quality and milk production

The effects of different stocking rates with grazing dairy cows, respectively post-grazing sward height (GHVP) were studied on herbage quality and milk production in a rotational grazing system under organic farming conditions. During three vegetation periods cows in production were divided into two groups on the organic farm l’Abbaye (Sorens, canton of Fribourg). 15% more…
Animal production

Meisser M., Tarery M., Chassot A., Freléchoux F.

PASTO: pasture management and cattle behaviour in subalpine grasslands dominated by green alder

Shrubland increases in the Alps. One of the main objectives of the Pasto project was to assess the possibilities of limiting reforestation by means of suckler cows in the subalpine zone. Our work aims at clarifying the herd-vegetation relationship, both to ensure good grazing management and to understand the dynamics of reforestation. Most of the…
Animal production

Hasler H., Flury C., Reist S., Braunschweig M., Gaudenz D., Drögemüller C., Drögemüller M., Haase B., Klukowska-Rötzler J., Burger D., Poncet P.A.

Current examples from animal breeding research in Switzerland

The increasing demand of safe and healthy animal products coupled with a decreasing availability of resources and ecological and economic pressures is considered a major challenge for animal production in the future. Research in animal breeding and genetics is therefore warranted in Switzerland. The selective mating of sires and dams represents a crucial step at…
Animal production

Dufey P.-A., Messadene J., Silacci P., Collomb M.

PASTO: quality of mountain beef

The aim of this study was to characterise mountain-produced meat. A total of 88 steers of the hardy Swiss Herens breed were compared. The animals came from extensive grassland mountain farms in the Alps (1200 and 1800 m above sea level) and in the Jura (1200 m) and from a lowland farm practising intensive fattening…
Animal production

Burren A., Reist S., Piccand V., Stürm C., Rieder S., Flury C.

Genetic aspects of the trial animals in the project “Pasture based milk production”

The Swiss College of Agriculture (SCA) in Zollikofen is searching for the ideal cattle type well adapted for a pasture-based milk production scheme. In 2007, the SCA launched a project together with the “KTI” (Swiss Confederation’s innovation promotion agency), the IG Weidemilch (Federation of farmers interested in pasture-based milk production), Swissgenetics (major Swiss AI company)…
Animal production

Hermier R., Miéville-Ott V.

Acceptability of new pratices by cattle breeders: advantages of a sociological approach

In the PASTO project, experimental agricultural practices with the Herens breed of cattle have been tested. We assessed their acceptability by the cattle breeders to check their chances of being implemented and in what conditions. To do this, we analysed different existing practices in the central Valais, as well as the value system and their…
Animal production

Miéville-Ott V., Meisser M., Chassot A., Freléchoux F.

The PASTO project: an innovative agricultural system of pratices for mountain regions

Mountain agriculture faces numerous challenges: diminishing number of farms and of animals, advancing of the forest, search for viable economic alternatives and multiple social demands concerning the maintenance of landscapes, of biodiversity and the offer of local quality products. Within this context, the PASTO project is testing and developing extensive production methods for meat of…
Animal production

Frick G., Dubois S., Chaubert C., Ampuero Kragten S.

Detection of falsified maize gluten

Different methods have been employed to detect falsified maize gluten products. Microscopic observations -numerous starch grains, seed envelopes and wheat bran fragments- clearly showed the presence of atypical maize gluten particles in samples with otherwise normal crude protein levels (≥ 60%) and the usual gold-yellow color. Chemical analyses in a few samples confirmed the presence…