Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, 8903 Birmensdorf

Alpine products and services – supply situation in selected Swiss regions

Alpine products are niche products that generate public interest. In an investigation of the supply situation in six Swiss case study regions, 262 producers from summering farms were surveyed. The results show that the most important of the produced and marketed alpine products is alpine cheese, which is often sold directly to consumers and in small quantities. While production of alpine cheese in Switzerland has increased in the past years, the variety of alpine products on offer has remained stable in 85 % of the participating summer farms. Apart from the traditional alpine gastronomy, few services are provided by summer farms. Tradition and livestock are the most important reasons for the production of alpine products. The cooperation rate of farms in the production and marketing of alpine products is low. Although 63 % of the producers find it important to differentiate «Alpine» and «Mountain» products, only 31 % agree upon the desirability of establishing a label for alpine products. Overall, the supply side tends to cling to tradition, yet potential for extension and further development exists.

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